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  • Focusing on Key Results
  • Can your Business
    Grow Bigger?
    Re-engineering your company’s growth path.
    We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals.
    That’s what distinguishes us.
  • Enjoy
    Unusual clarity
    plus an extra edge
  • Explore
    Strategy Advisory
    that simply works

Making Business Sense.

How is technology affecting your niche?
How are looming economic changes impacting your market?
Are disruptive new entries turning your established markets upside down?
What legal and political issues pose a threat (or present an opportunity) to your organisation’s future?
What social trends are impacting your niche (and in what ways)?
These are some of the modern realities we help organizations manage - and eventually leverage - to come out on top as clear leaders in their industry.

  • Business Design
  • Strategic Advisory
  • New Media
  • Promotional Materials
  • Sales & Marketing Consulting
  • Business Presentations
  • Film Works

Making it Happen for Your Business

Our involvement in any business situation is influenced by
our bizDev-4 Guide.

Results. Results. Results.

Because our success is ultimately measured by the quality of results our clients get through our involvement - once the desired outcome is defined - we dive in with the most effective, time-saving and cost-efficient strategies.

Scientific Approach.

We adopt empirical outlook in our approach to analysing and solving business problems. We calibrate new instances accordingly while applying proven techniques to business situations.


Because facts don't lie, we lay emphasis on compiling data in business situations. We mind business numbers and key indicators - what works, what doesn't, and why so - thus, we connect the dots with minimal human error.

Great Customer Experience.

Because we work with real humans, we emphasis relationships. We seek to understand, relate and cooperate. Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business.



Web Development

Product Redesign


Clients Served

An array of satisfied clients cutting across engineering, marine, oil & gas, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, health services, luxury, academia, security, and so on.

Projects Done

For business and government organizations in areas of business development and communications, consultancy, online presence management to marketing and promotional designs.

Team members

A dedicated, passionate and result-oriented team with expertise in diverse areas of business development, business decision making, marketing consultancy and business design.

Enquiries Processed

Active business enquiries processed in the past year alone from across the 6 geopolitical zones of Africa’s largest economy. This is excluding international enquiries.

Core Values

What we're known for
  • Honesty & Integrity

    We are trustworthy in all relationships. Our actions match our words. We do the right thing at all times.

  • Customer Focus

    We earn our customers’ business every day. Our actions are driven by customer insights and helping them create value.

  • Creativity & Innovation

    We create breakthroughs by constantly asking “why” and “what if”. We refuse to settle for obvious solutions.

  • Collaborative

    Working together both internally and externally, we achieve more - to bring about practical solutions.

  • Responsible

    We are driven to do things right. We meet our commitments. We act decisively to bring innovative and practical solutions to our markets.

Experience Unusual Clarity + Market Success